Germany is the optimal destination to create intellectual minds and to offer a first-rate education to students around the globe. Its world-class education and fun-filled urban life welcome people from different landscapes to explore its culture and welcoming traditions.

Cost of Study

Germany popularly called as “the country of poets and thinkers”. As there are a plethora of higher educational institutions of about 400, that offers many innovative study programs with international rankings.

Also, in the year 2014, 16 states of Germany have revoked tuition fees at all public German universities for undergraduate students. That is an education in Germany was given at free of cost to all local and abroad students. Lately in 2017, for all non-European students, the tuition’s fees were evoked back to financially support the administration to have effective study programs.

Today, the low educational fees as low as €500 per semester in Germany have helped its institutions to attract eligible candidates across its border making international studies feasible for all variants.

Cost of living in Germany

Though plenty of students’ benefits from free education in Germany, the living expenses are unavoidable. The average living costs in Germany are around €10,000 annually.

Owing to this, many scholarships programs are introduced in Germany. One of which is DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst), commonly known as provides a funding scheme for the living and renting at an affordable cost to all local and international students.

Entry at Germany

Standardized English proficient tests like GRE, IELTS, TOEFL, will act as a platform for finding a suitable position in any of the top universities in Germany.


France is one of the top countries to study in a diverse and vivid academic reputation, making it as popular destinations for international students.

More than 200,000 students around the globe are benefited. By fact, 10% of registrations at French universities are international students, among which many of them perform masters and doctoral studies. The country also offers an admirable environment for all international students with its quality of education, lectures programs, and research activities.

Education System

France has around 70 public universities which are fully funded by the national government at a very affordable cost to all students, including domestic and international. Furthermore, the plethora of private universities also exists.

Every year, during the month of September and October; the academic year begins and ends in May or June, based upon the program of the institution.

Study Costs

The currency of France is Euro (€). Tuition fees at public institutions are established by the local government and are also very affordable. On average, the tuition costs for undergraduate studies are less than €200. While the master’s studies cost €259 and for doctors, studies it’s around €393. While the expenditure at a private institution will be above €10,000 per year. Additionally, certain scholarships program is also available.

Entry Criteria’s

To study in France, it is necessary to apply for a student visa, if you are non-European, while the natives do not need them (from Switzerland, Norway, and Ice land. Standardized English proficient entry college tests like GRE, IELTS, TOEFL, will open the gate for finding some more knowledge.

To conclude, the European standards of education and economic lifestyle are few noticeable points for having France as our academic destinations.

Why Study Medicine in New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the excellent, amicable and interesting places to study MBBS. It is also a fascinating island of multi-cultural heritage. Leaving aside all these, New Zealand has become one of the strong countries in terms of premium quality of education and preferable abroad destinations for many international students across the globe.

The education system in New Zealand offers a strong research program, which serves a greater advantage for endeavoring medical students. The course, MBBS is six years of tenure in New Zealand, offered by two universities, which are rated as the leading universities in the world.

  1. University of Otago
  2. University of Auckland

The Medical universities and colleges here, in New Zealand, are fully supervised by the Government.

Here are a few notable reasons why this country is the best hub for foreign education.

Firstly, a supreme quality in teaching is offered here. Graduates gain extensive knowledge from smart classroom training, individual focus combined with practical working experience.

The Medical institutes are recognized internationally and many students find it easy to be noticed by the global employers with the degrees acquired here.

Also, New Zealand is a cheerful and youthful country with plenty of resources and a vivid learning atmosphere.

Immigration of New Zealand accepts OET as a proof of English proficiency for entire visa categories. OET is accepted by almost pf the top healthcare councils and authorities in New Zealand, and international healthcare professionals can now opt OET for their visa application, and registration in healthcare sectors.


So, what is OET?  

OET is an English language test that judges the communication skills of professionals in healthcare sectors, who chases their dream to land-up in an English-speaking environment.

Why choose OET?

Healthcare specialists normally choose OET because it helps them prove their level in English for work or study. A genuine assessment will be made after testing all four language skills – listening, reading, writing and speaking.

e proof to access their ability to communicate wisely in a compelling healthcare environment.

Who Recognizes OET?

  • OET is recognized and trusted by regulatory healthcare boards and cabinet members in Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore and the UK.
  • OET is available for all the departments in medical stream.

Assessment Structure

OET test evaluates all four language skills with a special emphasis given on the communication. The various tests conducted for the assessment; Reading (Duration: 60 minutes), Listening (Duration: 45 minutes), Writing (Duration: 45 minutes), and Speaking (Duration: 60 minutes). While writing and speaking tests are performed with respect to their own departments.


Candidates receive the result as a numerical score ranging between 0 and 500 in 10-point increments e.g. 250,260, 270. The numeric score is graded between A (highest) to E (lowest). There is no overall grade for OET.

Letter grade    Numeric score Description of ability

A     450-500   Can communicate fluently and effectively.

B     350-440   Can communicate effectively with patients and health professionals with occasional inaccuracies.


C     300-340

200-290   Can maintain the interaction in a relevant environment despite occasional errors and lapses.

D     100-190   Can maintain some interaction and understand straightforward factual information but may ask for clarification.



Canada is among the leading generous nations in the world for immigrants and also has one of the largest admission rates of about 200,000 immigrants over the past.


Here are few encouraging reasons,

The Requirement of skilled professionals: Today, every country has talented authorities for each and every field. However, still in reality, most countries face manpower shortage in some of their sectors. And this stands as an ideal reason for any country to permit immigrants.

Improved Economic Balance: Usually, countries will opt for immigrant workers from other Third World countries who lag in economic status to them. This method of hiring will bring more cost-effective financial deals than by having their own citizens. Hence most of the large companies and industries prefer employees from other branches like India, China to work on their onsite locations.  Therefore, immigrants hired will be the prime reason, not just the company they work with but also to the overall economic growth of that nation.


In order to work in obtaining permanent residence or to perform master courses,  IELTS act as an entry point to grab the opportunities. Language proficiency migration is strongly assessed to check the immigrant’s level of speaking, writing, reading and listening understanding. Here,  IELTS test scores act as valid evidence for English language proficiency.

In a nutshell,  IELTS assessment test will the primary step to apply for any work permit visas. Since it is one of the popular tests of English globally recognized for English proficiency.



The UK’s system of education has a promising reputation and it is also home to a few best universities in the world. It has an extraordinary mix of cultures and vivid thinkers, who have won all sorts of accolades globally. Hence, it creates a strong sense of identity and tradition among international students.


Now, international students will be able to take up more internships involving additional academic training once they complete their studies. This will lead them to explore many exotic experiences involving new people and places. As the UK is a cosmopolitan city, getting a university admission will be much smoother than you think.

Can UK help you to achieve your ambitions?

Indeed, it is yes. Because of the excellent education, it is providing with, and the best professors and an attractive educational package. At the same time, the university provides numerous sources to apply that acquired skill in real life through placements and work experiences. These practices will help prepare anyone to stand for their ambition.

The UK immigration department hope that the relaxation of the rules will result in graduates being encouraged to come and take up skilled jobs in the UK.

Therefore, the UK acts as a resourceful country for the provision of knowledge through student’s visas for genuine immigrants.


The United States provides of some of the top universities in the world. The universities and colleges provide a wide range of courses in all academic fields.  16 universities of USA are among the top 20 universities. At the undergraduate level, students can choose different courses and this gives the students’ time and options to think about the interest in the course they wish to seek. At the graduate level, students can convert the course according to your coursework. An international degree provides a wide range of career and it broadens the scope of the career path that the student chooses.

The United States also provides students with an opportunity to work best in their chosen field of study. In the United States, all spectrums of education are well equipped and this makes the life of the students simpler. The American society is the epitome of freedom, fun, and opportunity and it brings in a lot of enthusiasm and freedom to international students. Staff and faculty members ensure good support and guidance to international students. Moreover, US universities provide support to all the students for their accommodation, visa status, career opportunities, etc. The high-quality education of USA is globally recognized and it gives student it gives the students an edge over other candidates.

Start your life in Canada

Canada consistently ranks among the top places in the world to live in almost every study. Canadians do share life values such as pride, a belief in equality and diversity, and big respect for every individual. Also, Canadian life mirrors the country’s relatively immigrant-friendly procedures. And for international students, spotting an admission to universities and colleges in Canada is dream come true.

How to start?

Many Canadian provinces and universities accept TOEFL scores. The TOEFL Test is test conducted to assess the proficiency state of a person in the English language. Also by taking the TOEFL Test and scoring high, you will climb a step up to the rest as you will be proficient with a wider knowledge in the English language.


Section Score Range
Reading 0-30
Listening 0-30
Speaking 0-30
Writing 0-30
Total Score 0-120

An average TOEFL score is around 90, which varies between from 85 to 95. So, getting more than 100will be considered a good TOEFL score. And the TOEFL scores are valid for two years from the date of the examination.

Professional Advantage:

Today some of the business organizations have strictly made to show a high TOEFL Test score in order to grab employment opportunities. So with a high TOEFL Test score, it is possible for you to climb into one of the top blue-chip companies in Canada.

Worldwide recognition

A Canadian degreeor certification is globally accepted as being equivalent to those obtained from top renowned universities. The system of education in Canada enhances our moral values with the expansion of skills. Owing to this, many students opt to study in Canada.

Prepare for your TOEFL test and start your living in Canada soon.

Study in France

The chance to live in France is one of the big foots and the best extrapolates to go to a school in your preferred city. The nation is completely exquisite every way under the sun and something that you truly should involvement for yourself. There is such a great amount to see and do in each zone of the nation; just as a portion of the world’s best eateries, craftsmanship exhibitions, and exciting scenes. On the off chance that you happen to go to a school in Paris, you can encounter the miracles of the Eiffel Tower and a variety of eateries with best culinary experts. France is totally amazing in magnificence and for the sake of entertainment. There is something for folks and young ladies, just as people all things considered.

Craftsmanship, exhibition halls, and wine are three things that you can depend on finding regardless of where you go in the nation. On the off chance that this is something that intrigues you, the opportunity to head out to France for training will positively be significantly more engaging than it might have been previously. Not exclusively would you be able to discover craftsmanship classes educated all through the universities, you will be flabbergasted at the numerous historical centers and wine sampling openings that you can likewise appreciate whenever of the year.

There are instructive foundations that can be found all through the nation, regardless of whether you are keen on learning in Paris or like to go nearer toward the northern or southern outskirts. Every one of the colleges offers an alternate region of specific adapting, so you should put together your decision with respect to the territory of concentrate that intrigues you most. Moreover, you will locate that a few schools offer their courses in English, while others educate in French. This is another choice that must be made ahead of time. You will locate that these foundations offer you some energizing advantages and difficulties of visiting, however, the degree that is earned is constantly worth this at last.


To state it, the French liberal instruction structure is altogether extraordinary on the planet. It is moreover a champion among the numerous open ones. With significant instructive cost charges, considering in France is more cash for worldwide students. French colleges are near the most noteworthy purpose of prominent foundation rankings consistently. Their establishments offer an establishment that successfully goes after various countries. The country is a center point for all-inclusive business and the official’s guidance and has loads of business schools in the general rankings.


General students will have a couple of choices for settlement in France. You could live in school settlement for around one hundred and twenty euros for each month. The enthusiasm for these is high, nevertheless. The assurance relies upon social criteria and given to exchange or give students. Renting a private studio level will cost around 450 Euros-550 euros. Homestay is another decision for worldwide students. This will cost around two hundred-eight hundred euros for each month depending upon the territory.


Studying in Germany could be an incredible opportunity it is the home of some best Universities on the planet. Germany is a place that is known for right around 300 state-funded colleges which offer excellent instruction to the students. In Germany, the Germans trusted that Education ought not to be considered as a business item so this nation offers advanced education in truly sensible charges. Students get a world-class and comprehensively acknowledged training which opens numerous entryways for your better profession. Germany is viewed as a nation of having ten million workers living in Germany and most of them hold a student visa to examine in Germany and indeed it adds to the assorted variety of Germany and makes it a significant bearable nation with its extreme normal magnificence and as yet being in the know regarding innovation.

Germany has an adequate number of value Universities and Colleges that give a great number of chances to the students from the nation as well as the students over the globe. Germany holds its solid nearness worldwide as far as innovation and market esteem and it is a prime goal for students from everywhere throughout the world to think about and further investigate distinctive vocation openings. Being a Country of extraordinary history and advancement, People of Germany have touched off an interesting flame in the core of each person over the Globe.

Part-time work is an approach to help you monetarily on outside land. Students gain enough to cut their day by day expensed by doing part-time work. In addition, part-time work is likewise useful in picking up work involvement. Students will most likely benefit part-time openings for work amid their examinations however they won’t probably do as such in the event that they initially go for pathway program or Pre-Master’s Semester. Further students are qualified for the year and a half occupation searchers visa after convenient consummation of their examinations.