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Study Abroad - Malaysia

Study Abroad - Malaysia

Malaysia, the 66th largest country, with 13 states and 3 Federal Territories shares its boundaries with Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Brunei and Philippines. Malaysia ranks 44th in the world population and is among the Commonwealth Nations that has an economic record of continuous growth in GDP. Kuala Lumpur, the capital and largest city is a happening city and home to large number of tourists.

Why study abroad?

The economy of this nation keeps booming with the availability of plenty of natural resources that creates cash flows through investments in the sectors of science, tourism, commerce and medical tourism. This nation provides free education up to secondary level and a subsidized public tertiary education in which you will be given an opportunity to complete a course by just paying 10% of its actual fee. Public school students enjoy free healthcare service which is termed as one of the best medical services in the world. Malaysia has the most beautiful infrastructures in Asia. Being a Secular Nation in which every religion is given equal importance, Malaysia is becoming the current day Study Abroad Destination for various reasons especially because of its affordable costs.

Why choose Malaysia

There are several reasons to choose Malaysia, few among them are the attractive infrastructures of Petronas Twin towers, Genting Islands, Batu caves, etc. As a student one should get fixed that Malaysia should be his study abroad destination because one can get his/her graduation from Monash University, (Australian based) University of Nottingham and Taylors University (UK based) etc. They offer international students education at a low cost compared to pursuing those degrees directly in the main campus. Statistics shows that Malaysia, a massive international recruiter from various fields of studies has trained more than 80,000 international students till 2010 and it has increased its target to 1,50,000. Several Postgraduate programs are available for the graduates to pursue and settle in Malaysia providing the option for students to earn money through part-time jobs.

The education system in Malaysia

Similar to India, In Malaysia, there are three kinds of Education which are termed as Primary, Secondary and Tertiary education. This is again a positive sign for Indians to study in Malaysia because the education method does not differ to great extent. Primary education in Malaysia consists of a 6-year course in which students get their basics of subjects, In Secondary Education, which is a 5-year course in which the student will get some additional details or get specified to a subject. Since there are two processes involved in this stage there are two divisions of this course in which the first 3 years the student learns additional details regarding the Umbrella subjects and gets specified to a core subject in his/her next 2 years. Tertiary Education includes Bachelor, Master, Diploma, Certificate courses and PhDs.

Scholarships for Students

There are government scholarships which are being given to the students who have a desire to pursue their higher studies in Malaysia. They are Malaysian Technical Cooperation Program scholarship (MTCP), Malaysian International Scholarship, Commonwealth Scholarship. All these scholarships are being awarded to those who have a minimum of 3.5 or 4.0 CGPA in their undergraduate levels.


Universities and colleges in Malaysia offers a wide range of Courses which could be categorized into Language studies, Management Studies, Medicine, Business Studies, Hospitality, Hotel Management, Catering, Law, Economic Studies, Arts, Aviation, Social Sciences, Technology Studies and Humanities studies. Students who have completed their 12th standard can choose a course which has its own branch and provides opportunities for employability.

List of Universities

  1. AIMST University
  2. Asia e University
  3. Allianze University College of Medical Sciences
  4. Asia Pasic University of Technology and Innovation
  5. Bricksfield Asia College
  6. Berjaya University College of Hospitality
  7. Binary University College of Management and Entrepreneurship
  8. Curtin University of Technology
  9. Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences
  10. HELP University
  11. International Centre for Education In Islamic Finance
  12. International Medical University
  13. International University College of Technology Twintech
  14. INTI University
  15. Insaniah University College
  16. Industrial University of Selangor
  17. KBU University College
  18. KDU University College
  19. Kuala Lumpur Metro Politian University
  20. Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur
  21. Linton University College
  22. Lincoln University College
  23. Limkokwing University of Creative Technology
  24. Mantissa College
  25. Multimedia University
  26. Melaka Manipal Medical College
  27. Malaysia Theological Seminary
  28. Malaysia University of Science and Technology
  29. Management and Science Technology
  30. Monash University
  31. Nilai University
  32. Open University Malaysia
  33. Penang Medical College
  34. Petronas University of Technology
  35. Putra Intelek International College
  36. Swinburne University of Technology
  37. Selangor International Islamic University College
  38. Sunway University
  39. SEGI University
  40. Taylor's University
  41. University Tenaga National
  42. Tun Abdul Razak University
  43. TATI University College
  44. Tunku Abdul Rahman University
  45. Twintech University College of Technology
  46. UCSI University
  47. University of Kuala Lumpur
  48. University of Nottingham
  49. Unitar International University
  50. University Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia
  51. UniversityKebangsaan Malaysia
  52. University Malaysia Kelantan
  53. University Malaya
  54. University Malaysia Pahang
  55. University Malaysia Sarawak
  56. University Malaysia Perlis
  57. University Malaysia Sabah
  58. UniversityPertahanan National Malaysia
  59. University Pendidikan Sultan Idris
  60. University Putra Malaysia
  61. University Sains Islam Malaysia
  62. University Selangor
  63. University Sains Malaysia
  64. University Technology Malaysia
  65. University Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia
  66. University Technical Malaysia Melaka
  67. University Technology MARA
  68. University Utara Malaysia
  69. Wawasan Open University